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Are all of your candies halal?

No, not all of the candies we offer are halal. All halal and vegan products will be specified in the description. If there is no mention of halal or the product not containing gelatin that means it is not halal. 

Can we custom pick our mixes?

Custom mix and picks are available however you will need to contact us in order to arrange this. 

How long will my candy last?

We pack our candy mixes fresh and use top quality resealable bags to ensure your goodies are kept soft and delicious. All bags are HEAT SEALED for extra protection. We recommend consumption within 3-4 weeks. 

How are you keeping up with COVID requirements?

Any member of our team who packs our mixes wears full protective wear including gloves, aprons, masks and also hair covers. 

Do you seperate gelatin produts from non gelatin product?

Yes! We do not cross contaminate any product and ensure we are using different equipment and gloves to avoid any cross contamination. 

Can I exchange or Return my items?

Unfortunately due to the nature of our business we do not offer any exchanges or returns on products. However, if there is an issue please contact us ASAP and we will resolve your issue!